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Final Engineering

On-Site Start-up Services



Conceptual Design & Studies

Get us involved in the early stages of a project and we can help come up with the conceptual design, construction and engineering budgets and management reports. We can provide several different alternate pricing solutions and recommendations to take to upper management for capital authorization. 

Preliminary Engineering is an important step when considering a large capital project.  Preliminary engineering allows us to come up with more accurate and detailed costs for your project. 

Overview of Services:

•  We work with you during your CAR process
•  On-Site meeting to define the Project Scope
•  Creation of Detailed Scope of Work Document
•  We develop the following Estimates:
    •  Engineering Services  
    •  Construction Costs
    •  Equipment Costs
•  Conceptual Design Layouts & Preliminary Drawings
•  Development of Installation Specifications
•  Development of Project Schedule / Milestones


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