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Engineering, LLC

Markets Served:

Food, Automotive, Steel/Metal, Bulk Storage & Handling, Chemical, Process Utilities, Commercial

Industrial Experience:

Conveyors, Roasters, Burners, Batching/Blending, Sortation, Weighing, Truck/Rail Loading & Unloading, Barge/Ship Loading & Unloading, Steel Plating Lines, Silos, Grain Elevators, Batch Tanks, Reactors, Tank Farms, Solvent Delivery Systems

Commercial Experience:

Warehouses, Office Lighting, CCTV, HVAC, Chillers, Boilers, Chemical Addition, Residential Sewage Pumping Stations...

Kraft Foods
PPG Industries
Superior Fibers


Portfolio of Projects

We have a diverse experience in Industrial/Commercial markets.  Below is a listing of some typical projects:

Automation of Largest U.S. Flour Mill

• Responsible for the Power Distribution Design, Lighting,
  Electrical Controls, Systems Integration and PLC/HMI
• The system is almost completely paperless and fully
   integrated with the Business Information Systems.
• Batching, Weighing, and Blending systems with closed loop
   controls, as well as discrete controls.
• Multiple capital projects ranging in size from $1,500 to $4M.
• Worked with customer over a 10 year period.

Automation of lndustrial Batch Coffee Roasters

• Partnered with German builder of Batch Coffee roasters.
• Up to 600 Lb. batches, 10,000 lbs.
• Heavy in Process Controls such as closed loop controls for
  burners, dampers, variable frequency drives.
• ControlLogix5000 PLC or PLC 5/40 with Wonderware
  InTouch or Rockwell Software RSView32 HMI.
• Responsible for building the PLC Control Panels and HMI 
  Panels and supplying all controls equipment.
• Each roaster costs approximately: $ 1M.
• Commissioned 11 roasters at the major coffee producers in
  the U.S.

50,000 S.F. Frozen Distribution Warehouse

Responsible for the Power Distribution Design, Lighting, Fire
  Detection/Suppression, and Security.
Integrated various building automation systems.
$10M project.
Utility: 15 KV underground distribution.

Process Utilities for Food Manufacturing Plant

Responsible for power distribution, automation/controls,
  PLC/HMI program, and Start-Up.
Automated: Chillers, HVAC, Refrigeration, Boilers, Tower
  Water, Chemical Addition, Blow-Down.
Tuned several staged PID loops for heating/cooling and
  fan/pump speed.
Specified all instrumentation.
Utility: 2400 Volt and 480 volt with several Variable
  Frequency Drives.

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