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Energy Audits & Power Quality Audits

Identify the problem before it causes equipment malfunctions & costly outages.

We identify the problem
 & recommend a solution.



Power System Analysis & Energy Audits

The modern electrical distribution system is quite complex. We can collect data on your system, run models of your system using our computer software and help you answer questions like:

• What is my current system capacity?
• Does my existing system have room for growth?
• What can I do to reduce my electrical utility bills?
• Why do we keep burning up expensive VFDs?
• We have severe light flickering problems. What can we do?
• We loose utility power frequently. Will a generator help?
• Should we install and uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?
• Why do we keep tripping circuit breakers or blowing fuses?

Power System modeling and analysis can answer the above questions and correct common problems related to voltage drop, poor voltage regulation, low power factor and high harmonic content.  Power Factor Correction can even help reduce your demand charges from the Utility Company.

Overview of Services:

• Energy Audits
• Short Circuit Studies
• Load Studies
• Equipment Interrupting Rating Studies
• Protective Device Coordination Studies
• Motor Starting & Load Flow
• Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filtering
• Field Data Collection
• On-site metering (power, voltage, current, harmonics)
• Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Services



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